Use this worksheet to practice finding the Volume and Surface Area of a Sphere.
Adjust the radius using the labeled slider. Answer the questions below.
The multi-colored switches can be used to check your work.

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1. Calculate the volume and surface area for 12 different Spheres by randomly choosing different radii.

2. Find the missing dimesion. Round to the nearest unit.
a. Sphere: volume 293 unit³, diameter___ units

b. Sphere: surface area 98.5 unit², radius___ units

3. Packaging: Tennis balls with a diameter of 3 units are sold in cans of three.
The can is a cylinder. What is the volume of the space in the cylinder not
occupied by tennis balls? Assume the balls touch the can on the sides, top,
and bottom.

Lewis Prisco, Created with GeoGebra